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Build an effective team

You worked so hard to pick the talent for your project or management team. All systems ready to go, but there is something between them, that just isn't working and you don't know why. Science might have an answer. But let us diagnose the real problem first.

Creating an effective, high performance team is a highly rewarding task. It is a fine a balance between the environment, team structure, delegation and leadership. The success is in science-based team-building methods and collaborative organisational culture. We help organisations to diagnose areas of team performance improvement, create empowering environment and enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Everglow Consulting offers a full range of team building and teamwork consulting activities tailored to your needs. You can choose from simple guiding to a fully immersive consulting approach.

The guiding approach provides advisory services with a moderate level of involvement. We will guide the organisation’s managerial team though the five stages of change, providing necessary tools for analysis, design, planning and management. This approach is ideal for organisations that have simple and straightforward difficulties within their team.

Immersive consulting is a participatory approach, where we will partner with your team for the period of the project, allowing more in-depth, hands-on involvement and problem solving. This approach is ideal when your organisation needs to solve medium complexity problems at strategic or tactical levels. Immersive consulting allows us to gain a better understanding of deeper problems and find long-term solutions to fix them.

We are committed to find the best solutions for you.