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Everglow Consulting is unique. A boutique management consultancy in Bedford that believe in the long-lasting benefits of team building and teamwork. Helping businesses to grow effective teams, create a collaborative culture, create capability and empower talents. Science and practice shows that collaboration and teamwork is a long term sustainable solution to avoid making expensive mistakes. It ensures that products are fit for purpose, enhances positive customer experience, and retains loyal employees and customers. We help our clients to identify problems, find the best solutions and implement the change.

We base our consultancy on over ten years experience working with teams in information technology, marketing, advertising and media. Led by Dr. Amber Gintare Andrews, a passionate researcher, speaker and coach, we base our recommendations on science and practice, introducing newest discoveries and well established methods.


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Founder and Senior Consultant

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As a consultant, I have helped individuals, teams and organisations who shared great vision and goals, but lacked the knowledge to get there. Empowering people to do their best work is my passion.

I consulted for various organisations ever since the start of my career in business management. I have helped a number of small businesses and government initiatives to successfully translate their ideas into actionable plans.

Working in large organisations, such as national publishing house, Cranfield University, the United Nations gave me a valuable practice to foster teams' creativity and innovation in a highly regulated environment. Working with small business, start-ups and entrepreneurs taught me the real power of teamwork and synergy. These are not just words for me. I truly believe, that strong teams can achieve even the most ambitious results. I enjoyed every second of leading them to success.

During my Ph.D. research and university teaching years I gained in-depth knowledge about human behaviour in organisations. But most importantly, I am well equipped with scientifically proven tools and methods to analyse, systematise, draw conclusions.  I am a published author and recognised expert in organisational learning and collaboration.

I always seek to serve my clients with in-depth knowledge from reliable and  approved sources. To ensure the highest service quality, I am working towards attaining chartered manager status.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to find out the best ways we can work together.